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Aurora Suite 2005 Value Edition

Aurora Suite 2005 Value Edition provides basic functionality for people with Learning Disabilities on a budget. Augmentative Communication users will find typing assistance with Aurora Word Prediction, but no assistance for speech impairments. We recommend users with physical disabilities choose the Standard Edition or the Professional Edition.

To get detailed information and animated examples of Aurora Suite's many features, have a look at our Aurora Suite 2005 Tour. We also offer a Feature Comparison Chart for the three editions of our product and a list of the key features for Learning Disabilities and Dyslexia, Augmentative Communication, or Speech as well as a brief list of some of the new features in Aurora Suite 2005.

The Value Edition provides spellchecking and basic spoken feedback as you work as well as Aurora's powerful phonetic word prediction. If you tend to forget punctuation, the Run-On Sentence Monitor will help you remember. If homonyms are a problem, Aurora will help you with an audible reminder, definitions, and usage examples. Speech output is through industry standard Microsoft Speech API 5 which supports a wide variety of third party speech synthesizers as well as a number of Microsoft voices included with Aurora Suite. The Value Edition includes one year of internet support including software updates.

A few of the Features You'll Find in Aurora Suite 2005

Optional Printed Manual

A 168 page printed User's Guide is available for Aurora Suite 2005 Value Edition. Order yours today.

Licensing Options

Aurora Suite Value Edition can be purchased for a single user, or for groups of 5 or 10 users at significant savings. If you are interested in installations of 25 or more seats, please see the Aurora Suite 2005 Professional Edition Volume License which has additional features for larger installations.

Hardware and Software Requirements

Minimum system requirements for Aurora Suite 2005 for Windows are Windows Vista, Windows XP or Windows 2000, a 400MHz Pentium compatible CPU, 64M of RAM, 50M of disk space, and a display resolution of at least 800x600. Speech output requires a windows supported sound card and speakers. Some program features require an internet connection.

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