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A Brief History of Aurora Systems

Aurora Systems, Inc. was born in 1989 when an ambitious university student was introduced to a well established pair of businessmen in the special needs and high technology industries. Working between exams from provided specifications, Access 1-90 version 1.0 was developed over an 18 month period. This DOS application included word prediction, keyboard controls and scanning switch input all in the tiniest package available at the time (as little as 15K of conventional memory.) This product was originally distributed by ACS in the United States.

After a couple of years ACS stopped distributing Access 1-90 and Aurora Systems was born with the release of an updated release of the Access 1-90 software which was renamed Aurora 1.5 for DOS. How did we come up with the company name? We needed a name that started with the letter A and had six letters in order to minimize the number of changes we had to make to the source code for the software. Aurora was the only word we found that we liked, and the natural beauty of Aurora Borealis had great graphic design potential for advertising and promotional material.

When the Windows revolution finally arrived with Windows 3.1, we decided it was time to take advantages of the device independance and the practically unlimited memory available in that environment. We took every wild idea we could come up with and put it into Aurora for Windows 1.0 and boy did it shake things up. At the time, many word prediction software developers were simply porting their existing DOS applications to Windows, bringing along with them all the limitations of the DOS environment. By writing entirely new code we were able to provide over 100,000 words, multiple word prediction, grammatical rules, spelling autocorrection, phonetic word matching (soundalikes) and several other new technologies. We are particularly pleased to note that a number of our competitors have been so impressed by our features that they have included many of them in their own products. We still retain a comfortable lead however.

Since our first release of Aurora for Windows we have released eight new versions, adding new features and technologies with each release. The response we have gotten from our customers is heartwarming and one of the best reasons for working in this industry.

We continue to work on developing our software. Even with eight releases under our belt, we continue to get great suggestions from our customers for new features and product ideas.

Aurora Systems' offices are located in Burnaby in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, where a spectacular view of the north shore mountains greets us each morning.

Demo Software

If you are writing a review of our software, please contact us for free demonstration software. If you prefer you can download our demo software.


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