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Aurora Suite 2005 for Learning Disabilities or Dyslexia

Aurora Suite 2005 helps people with learning disabilities and dyslexia write and spell better through spoken feedback, sentence construction tips and spelling and word selection assistance. It also assists with reading, it can read aloud email or web pages, menus, buttons and text from the programs in your computer. Below is a brief summary of the features of Aurora Suite 2005 designed specifically for people with learning disabilities.

To get detailed information and animated examples of Aurora Suite's many features, have a look at our Aurora Suite 2005 Tour. We also offer a Feature Comparison Chart for the three editions of our product and a brief list of some of the new features in Aurora Suite 2005.

Aurora's Recommendation

For Learning Disabled or Dyslexic users, Aurora recommends:

- Professional Edition for comprehensive reading and writing support and Aurora's full feature set and support options.
- Standard Edition for better reading and writing support.
- Value Edition for basic reading and writing support.

Talking Spellchecker

Aurora Suite's talking spellchecker is designed to help the most creative spellers. It matches words both by look and phonetically and can be customized to individual issues such as confusing the visibly similar letters b/d/p/q. The spellchecker can read aloud, or spell aloud any of the suggestions it makes. You can also have your spelling errors logged to use as a spelling list. Below the user has typed "reseev" and the spellchecker is suggesting "receive" as the correction.

Automatic Spelling Corrections

If you consistently spell words wrong, the Autocorrect button will fix your error so that Aurora Suite will automatically fix that error from then on like we have for "teh" below. Aurora Suite comes with automatic corrections for hundreds of the most commonly misspelled words.

Effective Word Prediction

Aurora Suite offers up to 625,000 correctly spelled words in its prediction dictionaries, so if you can get started spelling a challenging word, often Aurora Suite can help you complete it. Then Aurora will make suggestions on likely words to follow what you've typed so you have to worry about spelling even less. If there's a word you're not sure about, you can have it read aloud.

Phonetic Word Completion

Unlike conventional word completion where it matches spelling exactly as it attempts to guess the word you are typing, Aurora Suite includes phonetic word completion which often cues the writer with the correct word in blue even when they have not spelled it correctly.

Help for Homonym Confusion

Not sure if you need "to", "too" or "two"? Aurora Suite can help with usage examples and definitions of over 2100 homonyms. These show up in green as you type in the prediction window.

Grammatical Prediction

Aurora also includes grammatical rules that can be applied to the word list to make sure that the words it suggests are grammatically correct.

Screen Reading

If you need help reading your email, documents or web pages, Aurora Suite can read them aloud for you. The Echo toolbar can read any text you mark with the mouse or keyboard, or it can read menus, dialogs and windows just by putting the mouse cursor over them. It can also read the contents of the clipboard as well as the word, sentence or paragraph you are typing.

Spoken Typing Feedback

As you type, Echo can also read back what you are typing. It can read everything from individual keystrokes, up to entire paragraphs with 10 different customization options.

Visual Highlighting for Synthesized Speech

Aurora Suite offers the ability to have any text spoken by the speech synthesizer displayed onscreen and a highlight shown on the word currently being spoken. This helps troubled readers by better associating the visual appearance of words with their spoken sound.

Writing Monitor

Aurora Suite can also monitor your writing, reminding you if you make a run-on sentence, or forget to put a question mark at the end of a sentence.

Speech Synthesis

Aurora Suite includes speech synthesizers from Microsoft, and support for the excellent free L&H synthesizers and any other synthesizer supporting the industry standard SAPI version 4 or 5.

Ready to Learn More?

You can Download Aurora Suite 2005 to try it for 30 days, read the User's Guide or view the Online Tour.

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