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Affordable, Effective Assistance for Augmentative Communication,
Learning Disabilities and Dyslexia

If you want to read a book or magazine you've scanned, email from friends, web pages, or documents in your word processor, Aurora Echo can help.  Just highlight what you want to read, push a button, and it will be spoken aloud with high quality synthesized speech.  Echo's screenreader can also read menus, dialog boxes and more from your applications.  If you prefer, as Aurora speaks, each word can be highlighted, like subtitles, to help associate words being spoken with their written form.


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Suitable for beginning, intermediate or advanced writers, Aurora's word prediction is surprisingly effective as it helps with spelling, word choice and sentence construction. As you type, it applies advanced word prediction, grammatical, and phonetic algorithms to complete words and predict future words for you so you will be able to type correctly spelled words and phrases faster, or for a longer time with less effort.  If you confuse homonyms, Aurora provides visual and aural cues as well as usage examples and definitions for over 2,100 homonyms.  Aurora's talking spellchecker helps even the most creative spellers and can correct common mistakes automatically.  As you write, your words and sentences can be read back aloud so you can be sure that what you wrote is what you meant to.
Aurora Talk makes conversation or public speaking easy.  Type what you want to say and it can be spoken.  Organize your messages into topics for easy reuse.  Speak frequently used phrases like "yes" or "thank you" with a single key.  Industry standard SAPI 4&5 support makes Aurora compatible with nearly any speech synthesizer.


Professional Edition

Aurora Suite's Professional Edition is our premier solution for learning disabilities, dyslexia and augmentative communication.  The Professional Edition features our most effective word prediction and dictionaries up to 1,000,000 words.  It provides all our newest features such as priority boost for recently learned words, the feature editor for teachers, and punctuation monitoring.  In addition to SAPI 5 speech and our pronunciation correction system, the Professional Edition works with older high quality SAPI 4 synthesizers.  The Professional Edition includes our full support service of one year of telephone support and two years of online support.  If you have a second portable system, you can use your Professional Edition license on it also.


Standard Edition

The Standard Edition provides the essential features for dyslexia and learning disabilities, and basic support for augmentative communication.  The Standard Edition features type and talk for conversation, abbreviation expansions, as well as enhanced screen reading and spelling assistance.  Visual Highlighting shows what the computer is speaking onscreen like subtitles so you can learn to associate the spoken word with its written form. The 168 page printed User's Guide will quickly get you up to speed with Aurora Suite.

Windows 7

Windows Vista

Windows XP


The Value Edition is our most affordable package and provides the core features needed for learning disabilities.  It has homonym help, word prediction, phonetic word completion, typing readback, our talking spelling checker, run-on sentence monitoring and much more.


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