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Aurora Suite 2005 Demo Installation Instructions

  1. Print this web page for reference.
  2. If you use Internet Explorer, read the important information for Internet Explorer users below.
  3. Download one of the following files to a temporary folder. Windows Windows 7 and Vista users should download the AuroraSuiteLite2005.0004.exe file. These are Windows self-installing archive files.

    AuroraSuiteLite2005.0004.exe (14.2M) for Windows 7, Windows Vista, 2000 or XP which does not include speech synthesizers. If you use Windows 7, Windows Vista or XP, it comes with one speech synthesizer.

    AuroraSuite2005.0004.exe (23.9M) for Windows 2000 and XP which includes Microsoft Mary, Mike and Sam speech synthesizers.

  4. Read the Online User's Guide for important information about the product.
  5. Run AuroraSuite2005.0004.exe or AuroraSuiteLite2005.0004 to start installation.

Note: If you have previously installed Aurora Suite 2005, you should use Add/Remove Programs to remove it before installing 2005.0004. You will not lose your settings or data files.

Optional Speech Synthesizer Support

If you select to run the demo in Professional mode, you will be able to use Microsoft Speech API Version 4 (SAPI4) synthesizers. These synthesizers are not available in Value or Standard mode. There are a number of SAPI4 synthesizers available at no charge here. If you have Microsoft Speech API Version 5 synthesizers on your PC (you should if you have Windows XP) that you are satisfied with, we recommend you do not use these synthesizers as SAPI4 is prone to instability.

  1. Download and install SAPI 4.0a here (840K).
  2. Download and install the Lernout & Hauspie speech synthesizers from msdn.microsoft.com. (requires SAPI 4.0a) These are very understandable synthesizers. The languages available are: American English (1M), British English (2.7M), French (2.3M), Spanish (2.4M), Russian (3M), Portugese (2.5M), Korean (3.1M), Japanese (3.1M), Italian (2.0M), German (2.3M), Dutch (2.7M).

Important Information for Internet Explorer Users

Windows SmartScreen may attempt to block the installation of Aurora Suite. If you see this dialog, select More Info to get the option to Run Anyway.

If you see this dialog, select Actions.

Then select More Options.

Then select Run anyway.

Depending on your security settings, when you click on the download link above, you may see the following dialog box prompting you to choose either to save the file to your hard disk, or to just run it. We recommend you save it to your hard disk so that you will not need to re-download the file in case you decide to reinstall later.

If you choose to Run the file rather than save it to your hard disk and run it from there, your web browser may prompt you several times before starting the installer.

This screen indicates the Aurora installer has started. Choose to Install Now then click on Start.

Internet Explorer may prompt you again to confirm that you want to run the AURORASUITE20050002.MSI installation package. Choose Run again.

Now the installation process will proceed as normal. Once the installer closes, this dialog will appear.

Choose Ok to clean up temporary files that were created by AuroraSuite2005.0004.exe in order to install Aurora Suite 2005.

Need Help Getting Started with the Programs?

To start the program, click on Start, Programs, Aurora Suite 2005, Aurora Suite 2005 to start the program. Right click on the program to display the program's system menu. Choose Help from the menu. You will find discussions of that programs' uses and features.

If you have Trouble

For help see the Online User's Guide. You can also see the technical support document for Aurora Suite 2005 or our frequently asked questions page.

Please Tell Us What you Think

If you have any questions or comments regarding this demo, or if it helps you make a decision whether or not to purchase our products, please email and let us know what you have discovered or decided, we are very interested in your feedback.

Ordering Aurora Suite 2005

Once you have tried the demo, you can order the full software by clicking on Buy in the demo software.

Legal Notice

All Aurora Systems software and data files available here are subject to the terms of the Aurora Systems license agreement. By downloading or using any Aurora Systems software or data files, you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to the terms of the agreement.

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