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This is not an exhaustive list of Aurora Suite's features. See the Aurora Suite 2005 Tour and the Aurora Suite 2005 User's Guide for detailed information.

Feature Value Edition Standard Edition Professional Edition
Single User Price (US$) $149 $349 $549
Aurora Prediction
Maximum Words in Dictionary 180,000 180,000 1,000,000
Maximum Words in Prediction Word List 9 15 40
Word Completion and Next Word Prediction
Homonyms Selection Assistance
Phonetic Word Prediction
Spellcheck As You Type
Read prediction word under mouse cursor
Automatic Spacing and Capitalization
Abbreviation Expansion Text/Speech
Grammar Rules
Edit Dictionary
Spellcheck Clipboard
Spelling Autocorrection
Log Spelling Corrections
Read prediction Window
Enhanced Accuracy Word Prediction
Recent words Priority Boost
Phrase Prediction
High Performance Dictionary Cacheing
Enhanced Prediction Window Layout Options
Import/Export Vocabulary to Disk
Prediction Window Follows Cursor
Disable Next Word Prediction
Prediction Window Sort Single Option Separate Options Separate Options
Aurora Echo
Run On Sentence Monitoring
Customizable Toolbar
Read Back As You Type
Read Partial Words
Read Clipboard on Change of Contents
Read Word So Far
Read Sentence So Far
Read Paragraph So Far
Read Marked Block
Read Button or Window
Read Clipboard on Demand
Read every N words
Punctuation Monitoring
Aurora Talk
Function Key Phrases
Smart Phrase History
Multiple Conversations
Speech Output Support
SAPI 5 (Including several Microsoft Synthesizers)
SAPI 4 (Including several L&H Synthesizers)
Pronunciation Correction
Visual Highlighting of Speech
Telephone Support 1 Year
Online Support (email & web) 1 Year 1 Year 2 Years
Printed User's Guide
Multi-User Support
Feature Editor
Install on Second Portable Computer*
Volume License (25+) Option

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