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Aurora for Windows 2.05

This version of Aurora is no longer supported.

New features in version 2.05 include:

Aurora 2.0 Online User's Guide

We have had a number of requests for a printed user's guide for Aurora for Windows. We have not yet decided to offer one with our next release of Aurora for Windows, but we have made a compilation of all the documentation available in Aurora 2.0 for Windows' online help files. This file is called awin2doc.exe and is handy for quick reference and searching. You can download it by clicking here, it is a DOS self-extracting archive and is 268,070 bytes. After you run awin2doc.exe in a temporary directory, an installation program install.exe will appear there and you can use that to install this update.

Known Problems

Problem: Aurora Prediction and Echo do not work with ICQ 2000 beta, problems in some areas with previous versions.
Fix: ICQ uses a Windows "reserved" feature in such a way that it confuses Aurora. You need to upgrade to version 3.05, then get then get the latest release of Aurora 3 AWINDEMO.EXE then follow these directions:

1) Shut down any Aurora programs.
2) Run the file to install the latest release of Aurora 3.
3) You need to edit the [Aurora] section of the AURORA.INI file in your AWIN3 directory using Notepad as follows:


ReservedBit can be between 0 and 3. 1 does not work with Microsoft Works. 2 is the default, but does not work with ICQ.
4) Restart Windows to make sure the update to AURORA.INI has been comitted.
5) Start Aurora Prediction, About should show version

Problem: The Aurora for Windows 2.05 CD-ROM is blank, or the computer thinks it is a music CD.
Workaround: This version of Aurora for Windows is distributed on a CD-R rather than a CD-ROM. Some older or inexpensive CD-ROM drives and one brand new DVD drive cannot read such disks. Some can be fixed with a driver update, contact your drive manufacturer for more information. The workaround for this problem is to find another computer with a CD-ROM drive and make diskettes from the CD-R following the instructions on page 5 of your Aurora for Windows 2.0 installation guide.

Problem: MAKEDISK A: doesn't work.
Workaround: Make sure your dos prompt is currently on your CD-ROM drive by typing the drive letter followed by a colon : and then pressing enter. Then make sure you are in the root directory by typing CD\ and pressing enter. Try MAKEDISK again. If you still cannot get MAKEDISK to work, get 9 blank, 1.44M, formatted disks. Use File Manager in Windows 3.1 or Explorer in Windows 95 to Copy INSTALL.EXE INSTALL.OVR and INSTALL.HLP plus AURORA2C.000 to disk 1. Copy AURORA2C.001 to disk 2, and so on up until disk 9.

Problem: The included Aurora for DOS demo installation doesn't work.
Workaround: The installation program does not work properly from a CD-ROM. Copy all the files from the ADOS directory of the CD-ROM to a temporary directory on your hard disk. Start a DOS prompt, change to that directory, type ATTRIB -R *.* and press Enter. Run the install program to install the Aurora for DOS demo.

Problem: When you use Voice Options|Autodetect in any of the Aurora programs, the program stops with an error message.
Patch: Download AVD206.ZIP (15K) and see the READ.ME.

Problem: You have problems using the Creative Labs TextAssist DecTalk program for speech output in Aurora.
Fix: Obtain TAWSWGUP.EXE from Creative Labs World Wide Web site http://www.creaf.com to upgrade your TextAssist program to version 1.3. Follow the instructions for installation. Quit all Aurora programs. Rename the file CTSFRAME.DLL in your AWIN2 directory to CTSFRAME.BAK. Restart your computer.

Problem: The Aurora Realvoice hangs or crashes after it speaks. This has been seen on a Turtle Beach Montego A3D 64 voice PCI sound card.
Fix: Download ARV208.ZIP (1.7M). Follow the instructions in the enclosed READ.ME file.

Problem: In Microsoft Excel 97 if you click on a cell and then type in text, the word prediction will ignore the first letter you type.
Explanation: This problem is due to Excel switching you to a different window after you type the first letter. Aurora keeps track of the suggestion list and the keys you have typed on a window by window basis so when Excel switches windows mid-word, Aurora has no way of telling that the two windows are related.
Workaround: Quit all Aurora programs. Edit the AURORA.INI file and remove any Watch lines that contain the word "EXCEL" for example:


Add the line below replacing the ## with a number greater than the number in any other Watch##= lines in your AURORA.INI file.


You can now save your changes to AURORA.INI and restart Prediction. Now to type numbers click in the cell and type the number, Aurora Prediction will not come on, and you won't have trouble with entering numbers selecting words from the prediction window. When you want to type text and have assistance from Aurora Prediction, click on the cell, then click on the formula entry window below the Excel toolbar and enter your text.

Hardware and Software Requirements

Minimum system requirements for Aurora for Windows 2.05 are Windows 3.1, an 80386 CPU, 4M of RAM (16M recommended) and 20M of disk space. The Aurora Realvoice requires a Windows supported sound card and 16M of RAM is recommended.

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