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Aurora for Windows 1.01

This version of Aurora is no longer supported.

New features in version 1.01 include:

Additional SSIL Drivers for Aurora for Windows

Download MORESSIL.EXE (89K) which contains additional SSIL speech synthesizer drivers for Aurora for Windows. Note: These drivers are not supplied by Aurora Systems, we do not have access to source for them, nor do we own the synthesizers included so that we can test these drivers. They are provided as-is, but we will do what we can to help you with them. Drivers are included for: This is a DOS self-extracting archive file that you should put into your AWIN2 directory and then run to create the SSIL subdirectory where the new drivers will be placed. After the files are extracted, see the file MOREREAD.ME in \AWIN2\SSIL\ for additional information.

Problem: Aurora Prediction and Echo do not work with ICQ 2000 beta, problems in some areas with previous versions.
Fix: ICQ uses a Windows "reserved" feature in such a way that it confuses Aurora. You need to upgrade to version 3.05, then get then get the latest release of Aurora 3 AWINDEMO.EXE then follow these directions:

1) Shut down any Aurora programs.
2) Run the file to install the latest release of Aurora 3.
3) You need to edit the [Aurora] section of the AURORA.INI file in your AWIN3 directory using Notepad as follows:


ReservedBit can be between 0 and 3. 1 does not work with Microsoft Works. 2 is the default, but does not work with ICQ.
4) Restart Windows to make sure the update to AURORA.INI has been comitted.
5) Start Aurora Prediction, About should show version

All patches below are not necessarily fully tested, so user beware, we try to make them work as described, but they may not be as fully tested or work as well as our release products.

3D look patch (3DPATCH.EXE - 25K)

If you do not see the new 3D look in Aurora 1.01, this patch fixes an installation bug for users of Windows 3.1x, not for use with Windows 95.

MultiVoice DecTalk Voice Driver Patch (MULTIV.AVD - 14K)

Adds Aurora native driver support for the DecTalk Express speech synthesizer, for Aurora for Windows 1.01. To install, quit all Aurora programs, then copy the MULTIV.AVD file to your AWIN directory and restart your Aurora programs. DecTalk Express will now be listed next to Multivoice DecTalk in the Voice driver list. You will then need to click on the Voice Setup button and click the DecTalk Express checkbox.

Exception Editor Patch (EXCED202.EXE - 44K)

Updates the Aurora Exception Editor for Windows to fix a few minor bugs, for Aurora for Windows 1.01. To install, copy the EXCEPTW.EXE file to your AWIN directory. If you do not already have an icon for the Aurora Exception Editor in Program Manager, you will have to add one.

Monologue Doesn't Work

If you have an IBM brand name computer with a built in sound card and Monologue 2.0 is part of the included software, you need to find the file fbvspch.dll and copy it to the file fb_spch.dll in the same directory. Then make sure that that directory is in your PATH, restart Windows, and select Soundblaster Monologue Voice as your voice driver in the Voice Options dialog in any Aurora for Windows program.

Hardware and Software Requirements

Minimum system requirements for Aurora for Windows 1.01 are Windows 3.1, an 80386 CPU, 4M of RAM (8M recommended) and 20M of disk space.

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