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Aurora Suite 2005 on Windows Vista

This and previous releases of Aurora Suite 2005 are not compatible with Windows Vista. Aurora Suite 2005.0004 is our first release compatible with Windows Vista.

Download AuroraSuiteLite2005.0004.exe (13M for Windows Vista) AuroraSuite2005.0004.exe (23M for Windows 2000 and XP)

Aurora Suite 2005.0003 for Windows

Known Problems

Problem: During product purchase from app running in 20 minute demo mode, demo might still expire.
Answer: Choose Buy from the startup menu rather than demo. If you do complete a purchase and then it expires, your purchase will be saved, just restart Aurora Suite.

Problem: You need to clear your activation and enter a new serial number.
Answer: Hold shift then right click on the Prediction window. An additional option to Clear Activation will be offered at the bottom of the popup context menu. If you clear your activation, the next time you start Aurora Suite, you will be prompted to Activate.

Problem: You have Dec Access 32 but it doesn't display in the list of speech synthesizers.
Answer: Please read this answer on our Speech Synthesizers FAQ.

Problem:Dec Access 32 makes staticky sounds when it talks.
Fix: Download SAPI 4.0a here (847K) or install it from the MSSAPI directory on the Aurora Suite CD. If that doesn't fix the problem, you need a faster computer.

Problem: When you type a homonym Aurora doesn't make a sound or the Aurora Spellchecker doesn't make a sound when a word is misspelled.
Fix: Aurora uses Windows standard sounds for these alerts. Go to Start, Settings, Control Panel, Sounds and make sure there are .WAV files selected for Asterisk and Exclamation.

Problem: The Aurora Suite CD-ROM is blank, or the computer thinks it is a music CD.
Workaround: This version of Aurora for Windows is distributed on a CD-R rather than a CD-ROM. Some older or inexpensive CD-ROM drives and some DVD drives cannot read such disks. Some can be fixed with a driver update, contact your drive manufacturer for more information.

Problem: In Microsoft Excel 97 if you click on a cell and then type in text, the word prediction will ignore the first letter you type.
Explanation: This problem is due to Excel switching you to a different window after you type the first letter. Aurora keeps track of the suggestion list and the keys you have typed on a window by window basis so when Excel switches windows mid-word, Aurora has no way of telling that the two windows are related.
Workaround: Quit all Aurora programs. Edit the user-specific aurora.set file and remove any Watch lines that contain the word "EXCEL" for example:


Add the line below replacing the ## with a number greater than the number in any other Watch##= lines in your user-specific aurora.set file.


You can now save your changes to aurora.set and restart Aurora Suite. Now to type numbers click in the cell and type the number, Aurora Prediction will not come on, and you won't have trouble with entering numbers selecting words from the prediction window. When you want to type text and have assistance from Aurora Prediction, click on the cell, then click on the formula entry window below the Excel toolbar and enter your text.

Problem: Aurora Echo is always one word behind Dragon Dictate.
Explanation: This is because Aurora Echo does not speak until it sees a space or punctuation at the end of a word. Dragon Dictate puts spaces at the start of a word, rather than the end, so it exhibits this problem. Please see the online help in Aurora Echo for the Speech Recognition Delay feature to rectify this problem.

Hardware and Software Requirements

Minimum system requirements for Aurora Suite 2005 for Windows are Windows 2000 or Windows XP, (for other versions of Windows please see here), a 400MHz Pentium compatible CPU, 64M of RAM, 50M of disk space, and a display resolution of at least 800x600. Speech output requires a windows supported sound card and speakers. Some program features require an internet connection.

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