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Augmentative Communication with Aurora Suite 2005

Aurora Suite 2005 helps people with physical disabilities use their computer more effectively and helps them easily communicate with the people around them. Below is a brief summary of the features of Aurora Suite designed specifically to help people who need Augmentative Communication.

To get detailed information and animated examples of Aurora Suite's many features, have a look at our Aurora Suite 2005 Tour. We also offer a Feature Comparison Chart for the three editions of our product and a brief list of some of the new features in Aurora Suite 2005.

Aurora's Recommendation

For users needing Augmentative Communication Aurora recommends:

- Professional Edition for most users. If you need this sort of help, you need the best. The Professional Edition includes comprehensive typing and speech assistance and Aurora's full feature set and support options.
- Standard Edition for basic typing and speech assistance.
- Value Edition for basic typing assistance.

Effective Word Prediction

Aurora Suite provides advanced word prediction and abbreviation expansion to help speed up typing, save keystrokes, and allow more text to be produced before tiring. We've compared it against the competition, and always been pleasantly surprised with the results. If keystroke savings is your goal, you've found the product you need.

Aurora Suite comes standard with a 125,000 word vocabulary which means that nearly every word you want to type will already be in there, you won't have to type out names in full the first time anymore. Additional language dictionaries and English dictionaries ranging from 1,500 to 625,000 words are also included.

Aurora Learns Your Writing Style

Aurora comes trained for word prediction, but it also learns from you as you write. If you want to get it up to speed even faster, Aurora Suite can import your documents to learn your personal writing style and specialized vocabulary.

Abbreviation Expansion

Aurora Suite offers abbreviation expansions so you can preprogram a short phrase to type which expands into a longer one. If you have trouble remembering codes, the prediction system will prompt you just like any other word. You can make abbreviation expansions for text or speech, and with a dictionary capacity of 1,000,000 words, you can program practically as many as you like.

Phrase Prediction

Aurora was the first to introduce multiple word or phrase prediction, not just predicting, but also learning new phrases in addition to single words. You can see in the example below, once you have typed in a two word phrase such as the name "Michael Smith" once, the program learns it so that it can offer you the entire phrase at once the next time. You can use the same technique to build longer and longer phrases into the prediction vocabulary.

Phonetic Word Completion

Unlike conventional word completion which matches spelling exactly as it attempts to guess the word you are typing, Aurora Suite includes phonetic word completion which often cues the writer with the correct word in blue even when they have not spelled it correctly.

Automatic Punctuation, Spacing and Capitalization

When you type punctuation, Aurora knows to back up over the extra space, type the punctuation, and then add the right number of additional spaces afterwards. When you start your next sentence, it will also capitalize the first word for you. This helps slow typists reduce keystrokes.

Easy Conversational Speech

Talk is the ultimate conversation tool. Just type what you want to say then press Enter to speak it. You can also assign frequently used phrases to function keys for instant spoken communication. It organizes, categorizes and lets you search what you have spoken before, and lets you say it again easily.

Painless Public Speaking

If you have a presentation that is already written out in a word processor and you paste it into Talk, it will automatically be broken up into individual sentences so you can easily control the pace of your presentation. If you get questions, you can use the function keys to give quick yes/no answers, or you can switch to a different conversation topic group for a longer answer without disrupting your presentation. When you are done, just hit a function key to return to your presentation.

Screen Reading

If you are doing a presentation, Aurora can also read from your email, web browser, or nearly any other application. The Echo toolbar can read any text you mark with the mouse or keyboard, or it can read menus, dialogs and windows just by putting the mouse cursor over them. It can also read the contents of the clipboard as well as the word, sentence or paragraph you are typing.

Visual Highlighting for Synthesized Speech

If it should happen that the person you are talking to has trouble understanding your synthesized speech, Aurora Suite offers the ability to have any text spoken by the speech synthesizer displayed onscreen and a highlight shown on the word currently being spoken.

Speech Macros

Aurora Suite's Speech macros work in whatever application you are using. Just program in the phrases you want Aurora Suite to be able to say, then type in short 2 or 3 letter codes to speak the message instantly. You can program as many phrases as you like, and the word prediction will display them onscreen to help you if you forget the codes you have entered.

Speech Synthesis

Aurora Suite includes speech synthesizers from Microsoft, and support for the excellent free L&H synthesizers and any other synthesizer supporting the industry standard Microsoft SAPI interface version 4 or 5.

Pronunciation Correction

Tired of speech synthesizers pronouncing your name wrong? Aurora offers built-in pronunciation correction that works with any synthesizer, so you can be assured that the synthesizer will always pronounce words the way you want it to.

Ready to Learn More?

You can Download Aurora Suite 2005 to try it for 30 days, read the User's Guide or view the Online Tour.

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