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Aurora Suite Activation Support

Toll-free telephone support is available for the activation process by calling Aurora Systems at (XXX)XXX-XXXX between 9:00am and 6:00pm Pacific time (12:00 noon to 9:00pm Eastern) Monday to Friday.

Technical issues not related to Activation must be resolved using the support services included in your product purchase.

If you are having problems with Activation, here are some tips that might also help:

Make Sure you are Connected to the Internet

Automatic Activation requires an active internet connection. If you are having trouble, make sure that you can reach the internet by using your web browser to visit www.aurora-systems.com. If you can view the pages there using your web browser, you should be able to use Automatic Activation.

Choose Automatic Activation

There is no technical difference or advantage to choosing manual activation. The Automatic and Manual Activation processes are technically identical. Automatic Activation is just much easier. If you can use Automatic Activation, please do.

Proxies and Firewalls

If there is a web proxy or firewall between your computer and the internet, it is possible that Aurora Suite will not be able to activate automatically. In most cases, you will be able to Activate Manually using your Web browser.

Manual Activation

Manual Activation requires you to provide Aurora Systems with your Serial Number and Hardware Code. Once you provide this information, Aurora Systems can provide an Activation Code to bring the product to full operation. We can provide this code by email, fax, or regular mail, however you will have to enter the Activation Code manually. We recommend that you use the Activation form in the support section of our website or request the activation code be sent by email so that you can avoid manually entering the activation code.

Reactivating a Previous Installation

If you have previously installed and activated Aurora Suite automatically on your computer, you may be able to re-use the previous activation. After Automatic Activation completes, the HTML file containing your Activation Code is automatically saved in the file \Documents and Settings\%USERNAME%\My Documents\Aurora Suite 2005\activate.htm. Provided your Hardware Code has not changed, you can import this activation code to reactivate the software as described below.

Problems Entering Activation Code

You will know that you have a problem with your Activation Code if you enter your code and when you press Next you get a little red X as shown below or if pressing Next does not continue the Activation process.

An X indicates that there is a problem with that line. One thing to note is that the red X indicator is not 100% accurate, it is possible to make several errors and still get a green checkmark on a line or to be missing an entire line and still not have any red X's.

If you have trouble entering your activation code there are several automated alternatives to typing out the entire activation code.

Paste - Get an Activation Code from your Web Browser or Email

The Paste button allows you to copy an activation code from a text document, web page, email or other source and paste it into the Manual Activation dialog. Just highlight the entire Activation Code with your mouse, select Edit|Copy from the application where the code is, then click on the Manual Activation Dialog and press Paste to enter the Activation Code. Press Next to continue Activation.

Import Code - Get an Activation Code From an HTML File

The Import Code button allows you to import an HTML page containing an Activation Code. You can get such an HTML page by using the Manual Activation form and then choosing File|Save As (or File|Save Page As in Mozilla) and saving the page that shows your Activation Code to your hard disk drive. Then press the Import Code button, choose the HTML file you saved, and push the Open button. The Activation Code found in the HTML file will be entered on the Manual Activation dialog. Press Next to continue Activation.

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