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Aurora 3.0 Tour
Who is Aurora For?

Aurora Prediction
Aurora Prediction
Phonetic Word Prediction - word prediction for poor spellers.
Multiple Word Prediction - new technologies for more effective keystroke savings.
Aurora has the Largest Vocabularies - 625,000+ words.
Aurora has Great Word Prediction - new technologies for more effective keystroke savings.
Automatic Spelling Corrections - tired of making the same spelling corrections all the time?
Talking Spellchecker - designed to help even the most creative spellers.
Homonyms Assistance - do you confuse their, they're and there?
Read the Prediction Window Aloud
Prediction Window Follows the Cursor
Most Customizable Word List - supports the widest variety of needs.
Grammatical Rules
Automatic Punctuation Spacing and Capitalization
Text, Synthesized and Digitized Speech Macros - quick speech output from nearly any application.
Get Aurora Prediction Up to Speed Fast - it learns your vocabulary and writing style from documents you have written.
Support for Younger Users - Content controls and small vocabularies.

Aurora Echo
Simple Screen Reader - read icons, menus and more.
Spoken Feedback as you Type - helps you catch errors.
Manual Reading Features - more control over reading.
Run-on Sentence Warning
Echo Toolbar is Customizable and Keyboard Enabled

Aurora Talk
Easy Conversation with Aurora Talk
Instant Speech from Preset Phrases
Great for Public Speaking

Speech Synthesis
Extensive Speech Synthesizer Support
Microsoft Speech Synthesis Included
Free L&H Speech Synthesizers
Easy Pronunciation Correction

Documentation & Support
Printed Installation Guide
Easy to use Program Documentation
Quality Technical Support

Networking & Large Customer Support
Features for Schools and Larger Installations
Multiuser Workstation Support
Client/Server Networking Support
Licensing and Discounts

Prices, Demos, etc.
Dare to Compare Prices
Try before you Buy - downloadable demo version.
Aurora World Wide Web Resources
Free software for Demo Centres, Trainers, and Presenters
Need Printed Literature and Prices?
Any Questions?
Thank you for Touring Aurora

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