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Try before you Buy

If you are ready to give Aurora a try yourself, you have two options to try the software before you buy.

Aurora Web Demo - Aurora's WWW site offers a demo version of Aurora that is fully functional that you can install on your own computer to try. The only difference from our full software is that it is missing some of the larger vocabularies and some speech synthesizer drivers. You can download the demo here.

Aurora Demo Pack - You can buy the demo version of the software complete with a printed installation guide and CD from Aurora Systems. This is identical to our full software. When you decide to purchase the full software, we can even upgrade you right over the phone, and we will give you full credit for the cost of the Demo pack. Information on ordering is on our website's sales page.

Both of these demos run only for 20 minutes at a time, but if you restart Windows, you can try them again for another 20 minutes.

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