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Licensing and Discounts

Aurora offers very flexible licensing, our licenses include: If you need a larger license for multiple sites, or for more than 5 or 10 individual users, contact us for a quotation, we offer significant discounts on bulk purchases.

Install it on All Your Computers

We also don't charge single users for multiple computers, so if you buy a single user license, you can install it on as many as ten computers that belong to you as long as you are the only one using it. This way you can have the software on a computer at school, and on a computer at home, and that's alright, you don't have to buy a second license.

Full Credit on Upgrades

We also give full credit for upgrades, so you can start with a single user license, and then upgrade it to a 5 or 10-user license for just the difference in the price of the licenses.

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