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Free L&H Speech Synthesizers

If you have internet access, you can also download the L&H speech synthesizers from Microsoft's website. These are high quality, very understandable speech synthesizers which we highly recommend for people using Aurora to help with learning disabilities. Have a look at the Aurora README.TXT file after installation for download and installation instructions or download them from the Microsoft Agent website.

Note for Windows XP Users - You need to install Microsoft Speech API 4.0a (spchapi.exe) from the Aurora CD before these voices will work. Windows XP ships with Speech API 5.x which is unfortunately not backwards compatible with 4.0a. Both versions can be installed safely at the same time.

The languages available are:

American English (1M)
British English (2.7M)
French (2.3M)
Spanish (2.4M)
Russian (3M)
Portugese (2.5M)
Korean (3.1M)
Japanese (3.1M)
Italian (2.0M)
German (2.3M)
Dutch (2.7M)

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