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Extensive Speech Synthesizer Support

Aurora's speech synthesizer support is unmatched. We support industry standards such as Microsoft SAPI, and SSIL and supply our own AVx drivers which offer advanced functionality for select synthesizers. Aurora is also the only product which offers support for older free synthesizers like TextAssist DecTalk and Monolog on Windows 9x platforms.

Aurora Talk

Below is a list of the synthesizers we support. If you have a synthesizer that isn't on this list, call us to see if it is supported, it probably is.

Aurora Voice Drivers (AVD)

Aurora RealVoice (Notice: As of January 1, 2006, the Aurora Realvoice is no longer included with Aurora 3.0.)
Multivoice DecTalk
DecTalk Express
RealVoice PC
SoundBlaster TextAssist
Monolog for Windows
Generic Serial/Parallel (most external synthesizers)

Microsoft Speech API (MSSAPI)

Microsoft Speech Synthesizer
Lernout & Hauspie
Dec Access 32
Any other Microsoft SAPI synthesizer.


Apollo2, U.S. English ROM1, Spanish ROM2, English
Apollo2, U.S. English ROM1
Accent PC Internal
Accent SA or Artic Transport External
Audapter External
Braille 'n Speak and Type 'n Speak
DECTalk PC Internal
Doubletalk PC Internal
Echo PC External
Europa2 Internal, U.S. English ROM1
Juno Enternal, U.S. English ROM1, Apollo2
Doubletalk LT or LightTalk
Infovox version 3.4 or earlier
Infovox version 3.5 or later
Infovox version 3.6 or later and serial (Voxbox)
Sounding Board Internal from G.W. Micro
Artic 215 Internal Speech Synthesizer
Keynote Gold PC, SA, VC or Companion
Kurzweil Reading Edge Synthesizer
Childrens Hospital DECtalk and Multivoice DECtalk
Orisin Synthesizer
Smartalk Parallel Port Speech Synthesizer

* Since we don't own the SSIL standard and have no access to source or any method to fix problems with the drivers, support for these drivers is limited to a best effort basis.

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