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Support for Younger Users

Aurora includes a number of vocabularies, including one aimed at our youngest users which contains just a core vocabulary of 1,900 common words that parents can use as a base to grow their child's vocabulary. They can then use the dictionary editor and import word processor documents to add new words into the Aurora program as their child's vocabulary grows.

In one of our earliest demonstrations at a local elementary school, after we explained about Aurora's large vocabulary, the first thing the teacher did was type in the "F" word. Aurora came up with thirteen variations. After the laughter subsided, the teacher said "you're going to have to do something about that."

If parents want to use one of the larger vocabularies, we provide the tools they need to make sure that the vocabulary is appropriate for their children. We have marked all the words we think might not be appropriate for younger writers as adult vocabulary so that by default, they don't show up in the prediction window. We have also added the option to completely remove those words if that is what is needed.

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