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Text, Synthesized and Digitized Speech Macros

Aurora also provides text, synthesized speech, and digitized speech or sound effect macros. You can preprogram phrases which can then be spoken or written when you type a two or three letter code you have assigned to that phrase. You can even assign WAV sound files to macro codes so you could for example type "doh" and hear Homer Simpson(tm) or some other digitized speech.

If you are a slow typist, by entering your most common expressions, your address, and anything else you type or say often, you gain access to much greater keystroke savings than you can get through any other method. If you use a strategy when creating your macro codes, you can make them much easier to remember. Since Aurora Prediction predicts macros, if you forget the exact code, you can use the word prediction window to help cue your memory.

Don't worry about running out of room for macros either, Aurora allows you to enter pretty much as many as you like (up to 1,000,000) and each macro can be several thousand characters long.

Below there are two macros, MNI and MNIS which type and say respectively "My name is Robert." An arrow indicates a text macro, and an S indicates a speech macro. As soon as you type the space after the macro code, it expands. If you prefer, you can type the number next to the macro as soon as it appears in the prediction window to save additional keystrokes.

Aurora Prediction

If you like, you can even assign more than one macro expansion to the same abbreviation, so you could for example combine a speech macro with a sound effect.

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