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Homonyms Assistance

Aurora can also help you choose between homonyms like "too," "to" and "two" - words that sound alike and may be spelled similarly, but that mean different things. To let you know when you type a homonym, Aurora displays homonyms in green and beeps when you type one. To help you choose, Aurora can display definitions of the words, as well as usage examples. If you like, you can also have Aurora display your own notes about specific words.

Aurora contains over 2,100 homonyms, more than any other program we have seen.

Below, the user wants to type "two" but starts typing "too" instead. When the homonyms appear he uses the usage examples to figure out that "too" isn't the word he wants and goes back and types the right word.

Aurora Prediction

If you have already typed the word and get the beep, if you are not sure it is the word you want, you can just hit the backspace key once to see the homonym help.

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