Enter your Serial Number and Name

Enter Registration Information

Enter your name and your Aurora Systems Registration Number. This number will allow use of the Aurora programs that you have purchased. Entering your name will allow the Aurora Programs to treat your name specially.

Your registration number can be found on your original invoice, and on the back of your Installation Guide or on the back of your CD-ROM case. If you cannot locate your registration number, please contact Aurora Systems Technical Support with the details of your purchase and we can look up your registration number for you.

Your registration number will look something like: A2025-VFREG-BH48W-GR8ET-00047 make sure that you include all digits and hyphens when you are typing.

If you are upgrading an installation of Aurora for Windows version 2.0, 2.01, or 2.02, click on Skip. You will be prompted to insert your old Aurora for Windows 2.x disk 1 later.

If you have received an AURORA.REG file on diskette click on Skip. You will be prompted to insert your AURORA.REG diskette later.