Problems with the CD-ROM

Problems with the CD-ROM

If you have problems reading the CD-ROM or Windows thinks it is a music CD, you may need updated CD-ROM drivers. This product is distributed on CD-R which is similar to a CD-ROM and can be read in most CD-ROM drives, but some older drives may not be able to read a CD-R.

If you cannot read this disk, try going to someone else's computer and making diskettes from the CD using MAKEDISK.BAT. You will need several disks and they will be erased during the disk manufacturing process. MAKEDISK will tell you how many disks you need for this version of your Aurora product. MAKEDISK must be run from an MS-DOS prompt by issuing the following commands followed by the (enter) key:




If your CD-ROM drive is other than D:, substitute the letter for your CD-ROM drive above.