New Aurora User

Create a new Aurora User

This dialog allows you to create a new Aurora user. Enter a unique user name and then a password for them to use. If you want any of the Aurora Programs started automatically check the ones you want.

If you are using the Windows Login feature, the user name must be identical to the user's Windows login name. Please note that the password setting here is not used, and any Aurora programs you select to be started automatically will not be. Use the Windows Startup feature to start the desired applications instead.

Click on Create to create the new user directory, settings file, and copy all the user files to that directory. This may take a few moments.

Click on Exit to leave this dialog without creating a new user.

Warning: Each user will have their own copy of any *.PHR, *.DCT and *.X files. For the express installation, this will total approximately 20M of disk space per user.

You may reduce the amount of disk space used by each new user by removing any unnecessary *.DCT and *.X files from the \AWIN3 directory.

You may make a standard settings file for new users by editing the AURORA.INI file in the \AWIN3 directory or by logging in as administrator, and then setting the Aurora programs up as using their settings dialogs.

Note that certain settings are patched by the Aurora Login when a new user is created. These changes are usually only done to reflect the new user's home directory. These changes can be viewed and changed by editing the LOGIN.INI file with a text editor like Notepad.