Using the Windows Login feature

Regular users use the Windows Login

In Windows 95 and above, Aurora can use the Windows Login to determine which user's settings and data files to use. You must create an Aurora user for each Windows user that you wish to have use the Aurora software so that each user is assigned a unique set of settings and data files.

Note: The Windows user ID and the Aurora Login ID must be identical for this feature to work.

You create new Windows users through the Users feature of the Windows Control Panel.

If this option is selected, only the Administrator will be able to log in using the Aurora Login program.

Any Aurora programs you select to start automatically in the Aurora Login Administration program will not be started automatically if you use the Windows login. You will have to place any Aurora programs you wish to be started automatically in the Windows Startup group.

The password you specify in the Aurora Login Administraton program will not be used, nor will it affect the user's Windows password.

If a user who does not have an Aurora user id created for them attempts to start the Aurora programs, they will receive a warning message, and the started programs will close.

Note: If no users are currently defined in addition to Administrator, this setting will be disabled when you exit the Aurora Multiuser Administration utility.