Aurora Multiuser Login Help Contents

Aurora Multiuser Login Administration Help

The Aurora Multiuser Login utility allows Aurora software to support multiple users on the same workstation. Each user has their own directory containing a complete set of user settings and data files. To use this feature, each user must have their own Aurora user identity created by the system administrator using this tool.

Note: We recommend placing a shortcut to the Aurora Login utility (LOGIN16.EXE on Windows 3.1, LOGIN32.EXE on all other platforms) in your Startup folder. If you are not using the Windows login feature of this program and a user starts the Aurora programs manually without logging in, they will be using the data files and settings of the last person who logged in, even if the computer has been turned off since.

As the online help contains the default password for the Administrator account, we recommend using the Edit a user's settings and password feature to change the Administrator password.

Login Dialog

Create a new Aurora User

Delete an Aurora User and their files

Edit a user's settings and password

Regular users use the Windows login

Disabling the Multiuser Feature

You can click on the Exit button to leave the Aurora Login Administration dialog.