Installing Arkenstone SSIL Drivers

Installing Included SSIL Drivers

Aurora for Windows' installation program does not install the included SSIL device driver files for use with the Aurora SSIL Voice Driver.

If you have a synthesizer not listed as included but you have a driver, please see Adding a New, Unlisted SSIL Driver.

If you are using one of the included synthesizer drivers, you will need to install the SSIL driver files into the C:\AWIN3\SSIL directory by following the instructions below.

1) Go to a DOS prompt C:\>

2) Change to your C:\AWIN3 directory by typing

C: <Enter>

CD \AWIN3 <Enter>

3) Run the MakeSSIL program by typing

MAKESSIL /y <Enter>

4) You can then free up roughly 500K of disk space by deleting C:\AWIN3\MAKESSIL.EXE

5) Follow the directions in Configuring SSIL Drivers.