Adding New, Unlisted SSIL Drivers

Adding New, Unlisted SSIL Drivers

Aurora for Windows ships with a number of SSIL drivers. If you have a SSIL driver that is not included in the Aurora for Windows Package, you will need to install it according to the directions below for it to work with Aurora for Windows.

1) Quit all Aurora for Windows programs.

2) Make sure your SSIL driver is for Windows, usually the driver will have a file name extension of .DLL. If the file name extension is .SSD, the driver is for DOS only and will not work with Aurora for Windows.

Note: If you already have a program that uses SSIL drivers under Windows that are installed in the WINDOWS directory, you can use that driver by selecting C:\WINDOWS as your SSIL Driver Directory then skipping to 4) below.

3) Copy the driver .DLL file and any necessary support files to the C:\WINDOWS directory you have created. Usually the drivers will be accompanied by a READ.ME file that will contain additional installation instructions and information on what files are needed.

4) Open Windows' NotePad and edit the file C:\AWIN3\AURORA.INI

5) Find the section [SSIL] and add the name of the .DLL file and a description like:


NEWDRIV.DLL=New Customized voice driver on COM1

6) Save AURORA.INI to disk and close NotePad.

7) Follow the directions in Configuring SSIL Drivers.