SSIL Driver Setup Options

SSIL Driver Setup Options


Driver Selection

SSIL Directory

This is the directory where the installed SSIL drivers can be found. Usually this will be either C:\WINDOWS or C:\AWIN3\SSIL.


This lists all available SSIL drivers found below the SSIL directory specified above. Here you pick the appropriate driver for use with your speech synthesizer hardware. If no drivers are listed, see Installing Included SSIL Drivers to add the ones included in this package or Adding a New, Unlisted SSIL Driver to add other drivers, then check that SSIL Directory is set correctly. For a list of all drivers included in this package, see Drivers in this Release.

Warning: Do not use the arrow keys to select the driver in the drop box, use a mouse since using the keyboard causes the SSIL interface to load each driver the highlight lands on, whether it is a driver or not, which can cause a crash or hang.

Warning: Choosing the wrong SSIL driver or a SSIL driver for a speech synthesizer that is not installed and configured correctly may cause Windows to hang or crash. It may also cause SSILS.EXE to generate a General Protection Fault error message. This message may be ignored but you will need to choose the "none" driver, then reselect the driver for your synthesizer.

Driver Options


Select the voice the selected SSIL driver should use.


Set the volume of the voice.


Set the gender of the voice.


Set if the synthesizer is to spell everything or not.

Note: that on some synthesizers, this setting is backwards. If you receive garbled output, try changing this setting.

Strip [ ] brackets

This option is intended for use with synthesizers based on the DecTalk voice which may malfunction if square brackets are embedded in the text sent to the speech synthesizer. This option will remove all square brackets from text sent to the speech synthesizer. This option should not be needed with any other speech synthesizers. Custom initialization, prefix and suffix strings in AURORA.INI are not affected by this setting.


Set the rate of the voice.


Set the language of the setup dialog's options.