Multivoice First Time Setup

Multivoice First Time Setup

Before using the Multivoice with Aurora for Windows, make sure it is configured and working. The first time Aurora for Windows is used with the MultiVoice you may need to make some changes to the MultiVoice's EEPROM setup or to Aurora for Windows' default settings.

If you need help setting up the Multivoice, contact your dealer or The Institute on Applied Technology (the Multivoice's manufacturer) for technical assistance.

If the MultiVoice doesn't just work, check that the Multivoice's baud rate is set to 9600, this is the default value used by Aurora for Windows. This should be the default for the MultiVoice, but in some cases the factory default is set to 2400 baud. You can use a terminal program or the MVSet program that comes with the Multivoice to set the baud rate. If you are using your Multivoice with programs other than Aurora that require a different baud rate setting, please see the Baud setting for information on how to change the baud rate that Aurora for Windows uses.

You can use a telecommunications program like Procomm+ or Windows Terminal to check that the Multivoice is configured correctly. Once you have established that you are connected correctly to the Multivoice and typing hello.<space> makes it say "hello" you can check its status by typing [:ed] to display the EEPROM Status (See Multivoice User's Guide page 28). You can then check that the serial line parameters are:

baud rate 9600.

modem control data leads only.

flow control enabled.

and the volume controls parameters are:

Ear jack 50.

Speaker jack 50.

and the battery parameters are:

power save time (seconds) 30.

battery limit time (minutes) 1440.

audible battery low warning enabled.

If any of the serial line parameters are wrong, you will need to change them. If the volume settings are 0, you will need to change them, all other settings are recommendations only.

Note: After you change any settings, don't forget to save them with an EEPROM Permanent (Set Default Values - manual page 27) [:ep] command.

Tip: The battery parameters, especially "power save time" can greatly increase the length of time between charges for newer MultiVoices. If your MultiVoice supports the power save features, we highly recommend you enable them. The easiest way to do this is to use the MultiVoice Initialization string in AURORA.INI and set it to:



This will set the automatic shutdown battery save time to 30 seconds, and enable the warning light when the batteries are low.

DecTalk Express First Time Setup

The DecTalk Express should be able to be used just by plugging the DecTalk Express into the desired COM port, and selecting that port in the MultiVoice Dectalk, DecTalk Express setup dialog.

Note: Do NOT install any drivers that came with your DecTalk Express for use with Aurora for Windows, no additional drivers are required.