Multivoice DecTalk Help Contents

Multivoice DecTalk, DecTalk Express Voice Driver Help

This voice driver supports the Multivoice(tm) DecTalk from the Institute on Applied Technology and the DecTalk Express from Digital Equipment Corp. The Multivoice or Express must be plugged in and turned on for speech output to be possible with this driver.


Click here for information on First Time Setup.


Select the voice the DecTalk should use.

Perfect Paul - Standard male voice

Huge Harry - Deep male voice

Frail Frank - Breathy male voice

Doctor Dennis - Alternate standard male voice

Beautiful Betty - Standard female voice

Rough Rita - Deep female voice

Uppity Ursula - Alternate standard female voice

Whispering Wendy - Breathy female voice

Kit the Kid - Child's voice


Set the volume of the voice (both) and headphones (Multivoice only).

Strip [ ] brackets

This option should be checked in most situations. Advanced users may disable this if you wish to program Multivoice commands manually. Custom initialization, prefix and suffix strings in AURORA.INI are not affected by this setting.

Note: Unchecking this option may cause your Multivoice to act erratically if you attempt to say anything that contains the [ or ] characters.

I have a Multivoice not a DecTalk Express

Set this checkbox to enable headphone volume control on the Multivoice. If this option is checked with the DecTalk Express, each speech message will be preceeded by an error message.


Select which COM port your Multivoice is plugged into. Generally this will be COM1.

Data Bits

Data bits defaults to 8, it may be set to 7 if that is how many data bits your speech synthesizer requires.

Stop Bits

Stop bits defaults to 1, it may be set to 2 if that is what your speech synthesizer requires.


Parity defaults to no parity, but it may be set to even parity or odd parity.


Baud defaults to 9600. If your speech synthesizer requires a different baud rate, you may set it here.

There are some additional options you can adjust for the Multivoice DecTalk in the AURORA.INI Settings.