Sound Blaster Monologue Help Contents

Sound Blaster Monologue Voice Driver Help

This voice driver supports the Sound Blaster Monologue voice usually supplied with the Sound Blaster 16 audio card. The Monologue for Windows software must be installed, and the directory where it is located (usually C:\SB16\MONOLOGW) must be in the PATH= statement in AUTOEXEC.BAT. If you do not have this directory, look for the file FB_SPCH.DLL or FBVSPCH.DLL and put the directory containing it into the path.

Note: The Monologue for Windows program is not a part of Aurora for Windows. It is part of the software package provided when you purchase your Creative Labs SoundBlaster card. If you have purchased a "Value Edition" SoundBlaster card, or a clone card, you will most likely not have the Monologue for Windows program, and will either have to obtain it, or choose another speech synthesizer like the Aurora Realvoice.

You can test if the Monologue software is working by running the "Monolog 8-bit" program in your "Sound Blaster 16" group and pressing the "Sample" button. It should say "Testing 1-2-3" if it is working properly.



This allows you to set the volume of the Monologue voice.


This allows you to set the speed of the Monologue voice.


This allows you to set the pitch of the Monologue voice.

Error Messages