Troubleshooting TextAssist

It doesn't Talk!

If you have chosen the SoundBlaster TextAssist DecTalk driver and Aurora for Windows will not talk, the most likely problem is that you do not have TextAssist installed correctly on your system. To check, search for the file TACONTRL.EXE. If it cannot be found, you will need to obtain your original SoundBlaster TextAssist diskette and install that program.

Note: The TextAssist program is not a part of Aurora for Windows. It is part of the software package provided when you purchase your Creative Labs SoundBlaster card. If you have purchased a "Value Edition" SoundBlaster card, or a clone card, you will most likely not have the TextAssist program, and will either have to obtain it, or choose another speech synthesizer like the Aurora Realvoice.

Once TextAssist is installed and you can make it speak using the "TextAssist Control Panel" program, which you should be able to find as an icon in Program Manager, you need to check to make sure you have version 1.10 or higher of the TextAssist program. You can check which version you have by looking at Help|About in the TextAssist control panel. If you have a version prior to version 1.10, you will need to contact Creative Labs about getting an updated version of TextAssist.

Note: If you have Windows 95 or above, you must obtain TAWSWGUP.EXE from Creative Labs World Wide Web site to upgrade your TextAssist program to

version 1.3. Follow the instructions for installation. Quit all Aurora programs, rename the file CTSFRAME.DLL in your AWIN3 directory CTSFRAME.BAK and restart your computer.