Aurora RealVoice Voice Help Contents

Aurora Realvoice Sound Card Driver Help

This voice driver supports speech output using the Aurora Realvoice that runs on most Windows supported sound cards.

Setup Options


The RealVoice can be either male or female.


Volume allows you to set the output volume of the RealVoice.

Note: This setting is also affected by Windows volume control. If you do not get any sound out when you speak, and this volume is not zero, check that the volume control is set to maximum in Windows, and that the volume dial on the back of your sound card (if available) is not at zero.

If you set the volume very high, you may get distortion on the output. We recommend setting the volume at about 2/3 of maximum. If you experience distortion, turn it down.

Loud "Click" when using Aurora Realvoice Driver

If you get a click whenever the Aurora Realvoice starts to speak, you need to turn the software volume for your sound card down, and get an external amplifier. The Click is caused when the sound card's amplifier is turned on with the software volume set very high. We have found a few sound cards - including some revisions of the SoundBlaster AWE32, which have this problem.