Timeout Error


If you receive the following error dialog, you may need to adjust the Timeout setting in the Voice section of AURORA.INI.


This error message occurs if the Voice Server program takes an unusually long time to start or if there is a problem starting Voice Server.

Often this long delay is caused by the Microsoft Speech API (SAPI) driver. If you are not using a SAPI speech synthesizer you can get rid of this delay by renaming or deleting the file MSSAPI.AV3 from your \AWIN3 directory.

If you receive this error message, but everything works normally afterward, you can get rid of the error by increasing the Timeout setting in the Voice section of AURORA.INI using Windows Notepad.

1) Close all Aurora programs, including Aurora Voice Server. To do this, you will have to have checked the "Show Voice Server Window" checkbox in the Voice Options dialog.

2) Start Notepad or some other ASCII editor, don't use a word processor, that won't work and may render Aurora unstartable.

3) Open AURORA.INI in your Aurora for Windows directory, usually this will be C:\AWIN3

4) Page down until you find a section starting:


5) Add a line below the [Voice] line that looks like:


and put the number of seconds that Aurora should wait before displaying the error message above. The default value is 30.