Function Key Phrases

Function Key Phrases

The Talk window allows you to preprogram phrases and attach them to function keys for very quick output of frequently used phrases like "Yes", "No", "My name is..." etc. If you don't like having part of your screen used to display the function keys, you can get rid of this display in the Talk Options dialog by turning off Show Function Keys Help.

Adding New/Editing Phrases


To add a new phrase or edit an existing one, press one of the *-Fnn buttons in the "Function Key Phrases" group box in the Talk Options dialog box. This will bring up the function key phrase assignment dialog where you can enter phrases to be spoken when you press the Function key, Shift and Function Key combination, or Ctrl and Function key combination. This dialog contains a list of the key combinations down the left hand side, and the phrase to be spoken down the right hand side.

Special Function Keys

There are six function keys which are preprogrammed to perform special functions. You may change these key assignments, or remove function key access to these features by using the keys for other messages. To change the key assignments for these features, put the reserved message (listed in quotations below) into another key entry.

F1 - Online Help (Message is "Help!")

F2 - Clear all messages from the Talk Window except permanent ones. (Message is "Clear!")

Shift-F2 - Clear all messages from the Talk Window INCLUDING permanent ones. (Message is "ClearAll!")

F3 - Mute voice (Message is MuteVoice!)

F11 - Previous conversation (Message is Previous!)

F12 - Next conversation (Message is Next!)