Aurora Talk allows you to split your phrases into groups for easier management. Each group of phrases is called a Conversation. You can have as many as 25 conversations.

Each time you open a new conversation, you will be prompted to enter the name of the new conversation that will show up in the Talk title bar and in the conversation selection list.

All of your conversations are stored in a single file, TALK.PHR in your \AWIN3 directory.

Switching Between Conversations

You can quickly switch between conversations with the menus or use the shortcut keys (F11/F12) or (Ctrl-P/Ctrl-N) or choose Select (Ctrl-S) from the Window menu to choose the conversation to switch to by name.


Open Conversations

You can control which conversations show up in the Select list by opening (Ctrl-O) and closing them from the Conversation menu. If you need to get back to a closed conversation, you can open it again.


Delete Conversations

If you have more than one conversation you have created, you can delete any one with the Conversations|Delete option. This option will be grayed if you only have one conversation created.