Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Although Aurora Talk is a better solution for public speaking, Aurora Echo will allow you to do public speaking from a prepared speech.

Prepared Speeches

If you have a speech prepared in your word processor, you can mark sections of it to be spoken and use the Read Marked Block button to read it. If you are using Windows 3.1, you will have to cut the section to the clipboard and use the Echo Clipboard option instead.

Also make sure you only do a sentence or a paragraph at a time, as if you try to read longer passages, you will not be able to interrupt it while it speaks if you change your mind or if someone has a question.

Handling Questions

If you receive questions from the audience, you can answer quick yes and no questions by typing them into another document in your word processor and using Echo to read back what you are typing.


We strongly recommend going through your presentation ahead of time to make sure that your speech synthesizer pronounces everything correctly. If there are problems, you can correct them in the Aurora Voice Options dialog with Edit Exception File.