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Aurora Echo provides audible feedback as you type and is designed to help writers catch when they make errors. Echo is designed to be very flexible and it can echo keystrokes, letters, words, sentences and paragraphs as you type. It can read any text that you copy to the clipboard. It can also read buttons and some windows (plus menus, icons and more in Windows 95 and above with Active Accessibility.) In Windows 95 or above it can also read any text you mark with the mouse in a word processor or web browser. It can even warn you if you construct run-on sentences. And for writers that don't use punctuation, you can have it read back every so often to make sure they get feedback as they write. For Aurora Echo to work, you must have a speech synthesizer supported by Aurora.


Getting Started

Public Speaking

Run-on Sentences

Toolbar Buttons Descriptions

Echo Options

Toolbar Options

Moving the Toolbar & Accessing the Echo Menu


Voice Options


Microsoft Active Accessibility

Obtaining Technical Support

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