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Open Dictionary


Select the dictionary (.DCT) file you wish to open. If you wish to create a new dictionary file, type in the name of the new dictionary file.

Important: If you open an Aurora 2.0 for Windows dictionary with Aurora 3.0 for Windows, it will NO LONGER BE ACCESSIBLE from Aurora 2.0 for Windows. If you are trying to open a dictionary from a previous version of Aurora for Windows or Aurora for DOS, please see Old Aurora Dictionary Files for more information.

There are four dictionaries included in the CD-ROM edition of Aurora 3.0 for Windows, they are:

PREDICT.DCT - Word prediction dictionary for slow typists.

SPELL.DCT - Spellchecking dictionary for people who need help with their writing, not typing.

CORE.DCT - Core 1900 word vocabulary for younger users.

MONSTER.DCT - 600,000+ words, thesaurus information and more, 64M RAM recommended. (Only available in the \GOODIES directory on the Aurora 3.0 for Windows CD-ROM. See the README.TXT file for more information on using this dictionary.)

If you have the demo version of Aurora 3.0 for Windows, you will only have received one dictionary, DEMO.DCT which contains fewer words and next word prediction statistics than our Prediction dictionary.

To get your dictionary set up with your vocabulary and writing style quickly, see Import Vocabulary in the Dictionary Editor.

Note: Under certain versions of DOS and Windows, if you attempt to open the dictionary file that Prediction is currently using again, you may receive an error message indicating that the dictionary file has already been opened by another program. This is a bug in DOS and to get around it, open another dictionary file, then the desired dictionary file.