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Aurora Suite 2005 Tour  
Why Choose Aurora  
Selecting The Right Edition For You  

Assistance for Reading and Writing
Phonetic Word Prediction - word prediction for poor spellers.
Talking Spellchecker - works with any application and is tuned to the needs of the most creative spellers.
Automatic Spelling Corrections - correct common misspellings instantly. Add your own with the touch of a button.
Homonyms Assistance - makes sure you use the right word with Homonym alert, definitions, and usage examples for over 2100 homonyms.
Grammatical Rules - help the word prediction system give you better suggestions.
Simple Screen Reader - reads documents, email or web pages when reading is a chore.
Spoken Feedback as you Type - so you can hear if you make mistakes.
Visual Highlighting - helps users associate the written and spoken forms of words.
Run-on Sentence Warning - lets you know when it is time to consider adding some punctuation.
Question Alert - reminds you when you start a question, but don't finish it with a question mark.

Communication - Spoken and Written
Advanced, Effective Word Prediction - it learns your writing style and works with all the applications you need to.
Aurora has the Largest Vocabularies - from 1,900 to 625,000 words, many including 20,000 common names and places.
Phrase Prediction - Aurora learns to predict phrases, not just words to maximize keystroke savings.
Prediction Window Follows the Cursor - keep your attention where it needs to be.
Customizable Word List - supports the widest variety of needs.
Abbreviation Expansion - program short codes to type instead of often used written or spoken phrases.
Automatic Punctuation, Spacing and Capitalization - save keystrokes by typing spaces and capitals where you need them.
Conversation with Aurora Talk - fast and easy conversational speech output for day-to-day discussions.
Make Public Speaking Easy - and hopefully a little less nervewracking.

Other Great Features
Comprehensive Speech Synthesizer Support - SAPI, pronunciation correction and more.
Feature Editor - reduces complexity and makes Aurora Suite more test-friendly.
Dictionary Editor - allows you to edit your dictionary, or even import vocabulary from documents you've written to get prediction up to speed on your writing style.

Documentation, Service & Support
User's Guide - Aurora Suite does a lot, read all about it in the User's Guide.
Technical Support - although you likely won't need it.
Try before you Buy - downloadable demo version.
Any Questions?  

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