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Selecting The Right Edition For You

Selecting the right Edition of Aurora Suite to purchase is an important decision, here are some guidelines to help you make the right selection. If you're still not sure after you read this, give the software a demo and try each of the Editions yourself or use the Feature Comparison Chart which details what features are available in which editions.

Professional Edition

The Professional Edition provides access to Aurora Suite's full feature set for both Augmentative Communication and Learning Disabilities. It is the only edition that includes our full customer support service including one year of access to our experienced telephone technical support and two years of 24-hour automated internet support.

The Professional Edition provides additional speech synthesizer support for Microsoft SAPI 4 which gives users access to a number of very high quality free speech synthesizers not available for SAPI 5 plus our easy to use pronunciation correction system which guarantees often mispronounced words like names will be spoken correctly.

The word prediction in the Professional Edition is enhanced with our most accurate word prediction algorithms, phrase prediction, and supports dictionaries up to 1,000,000 words. For maximal keystroke savings, this is the edition to choose. The word prediction in the Professional Edition also provides the most customizable word prediction list, offering up to 40 words, separate sorting for word completion and next word prediction tasks, cursor following, as well as spacing choices and more.

New features such as the Feature Editor, Recent Words Priority Boost, Punctuation Monitoring, the 40-word Prediction List, and the ability to Disable Next Word Prediction are only available in the Professional Edition.

Standard Edition

The Standard Edition provides enhanced functionality for users with Learning Disabilities, and basic support for Augmentative Communication and includes our new 168 page printed User's Guide.

For Learning Disabilities, the Standard Edition features several "read on demand" tools to Echo for reading Windows, web pages and email. The new Visual Feedback window offers speech highlighting as Aurora speaks, sort of like subtitles, to help users better associate the written word with its spoken form. Aurora's Word Prediction is enhanced with support for grammatical rules, automatic spelling corrections, and even a tool to log all your spelling corrections so you can go over them later.

Communication Users will find basic word prediction and abbreviation expansions to help them type. Conversational speech is included through the basic Talk window. Just type what you want to say and you can have it spoken. For the most effective word prediction, or if you are heavily reliant on assistance for spoken communication, you should strongly consider the Professional Edition which includes our most effective word prediction algorithms and Talk's support for multiple conversations.

Value Edition

The Value Edition provides basic functionality for people with Learning Disabilities on a budget. Augmentative Communication users will find typing assistance with Aurora Word Prediction, but no assistance for speech impairments.

The Value Edition provides spellchecking and basic spoken feedback as you work as well as Aurora's powerful phonetic word prediction. If you tend to forget punctuation, the Run-On Sentence Monitor will help you remember. If homonyms are a problem, Aurora will help you with an audible reminder, definitions, and usage examples. Speech output is through industry standard Microsoft Speech API 5 which supports a wide variety of third party speech synthesizers as well as a number of Microsoft voices included with Aurora Suite. The Value Edition includes one year of internet support including software updates.

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