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Make Public Speaking Easy

Public speaking is challenging for some, and a necessity for others. Recognizing this need, Aurora Suite offers a number of tools for public speaking which should give you the comfort and assurance you need when you get up in front of a crowd.

Using Talk

Talk allows you to do public speaking from a prepared speech and interact with your audience quickly and easily.

Prepared Speeches

If you have a speech prepared in your word processor, you can put it into Talk quickly and easily by copying the speech to the clipboard, and then pasting it into Talk with Edit|Paste. (It is best if you do this with a new conversation that you have created with Conversations|New.)

Siggraph presentation in word processor

This will put your speech into the current conversation and split it into sentences so that you can easily control the flow of your presentation by repeatedly pressing Enter each time you wish to speak the next sentence.

Siggraph presentation in Talk

Tip: Before you do the paste, you might want to change the History Lines setting in Talk Options to 512 to make sure that a long presentation doesn't run off the top of the conversation.

Handling Questions

If you receive questions from the audience, you can answer quick yes and no questions with preprogrammed phrases in the function keys. If a question requires a longer answer, switch to a different conversation (again, created with Conversations|New) by using Next! (F12) or Previous! (F11) and write out your longer response with the help of Aurora Word Prediction. When you are done answering, again use Next! and Previous! to return to your presentation.

Using Echo to Read Unexpected Material

When the unexpected happens and the information you need to convey is on a web page, or in a word processor document or an email that you haven't been able to prepare, you can easily read it with the Read Marked Block tool.

Read Marked Block

Using Prediction for Standard Phrases

Aurora Prediction offers abbreviation expansions which provide very fast output of preprogrammed phrases. The Prediction even predicts macros, so if you use them repeatedly, Prediction will seqence them for you and all you'll need to do is select the one you want from the predicted list.

Presentation Macros


We strongly recommend going through your presentation ahead of time to make sure that your speech synthesizer pronounces everything correctly. If there are problems, you can correct them in the pronunciation Exception Editor.

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