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Customizable Word List

Aurora Prediction offers many customization options for the word list. Whatever your needs, Aurora can probably be set to accomodate them. Some of the elements you can adjust include:

Aurora also offers a unique feature in its ability to allow you to specify the way the word list is sorted when it is completing words, and when it is predicting next words. Word prediction research has shown that people can scan a list of words more quickly if it is arranged in some fashion, either alphabetically or by length. When a list is so arranged, you can often see at a glance whether or not the word you are looking for is there.

Word completion and word prediction are two separate activities which lend themselves to different list presentations. When you are predicting next words, since Aurora's word prediction is so accurate, it makes sense to sort the list by priority. When you are completing words, we recommend that the word list be sorted either alphabetically or by length so it can be scanned quickly.

Sorting Options

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