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Aurora has the Largest Vocabularies

Aurora's word prediction has the largest vocabularies, some with more than 650,000 words. Aurora has a dictionary optimized for word prediction, one for younger users, and one for people who just need Aurora to help with their spelling. It also features dictionaries for UK English, French, German, Italian, Finnish, Spanish and Swedish.

Monster Dictionary

Discounting Conventional Wisdom

Conventional wisdom says that with so many words, the word prediction program isn't going to be able to give you the word you want, that instead it will endlessly offer you unusual words at the expense of the simple word you want to type. Our testing has proved that conventional wisdom doesn't apply with Aurora. Aurora's test scores show that even with its huge vocabularies, Aurora gives you the words you need and is very effective at saving keystrokes.

Some academicians have pointed out that most people don't use many more than 1,000 words for the large bulk of their writing. This makes large vocabularies look like overkill. When word prediction programs were DOS based and limited to 64K of memory and only a few thousand words in their dictionaries, this sounded pretty good. But today with the huge memories of modern computers, there is no reason not to offer larger vocabularies. As long as the word prediction algorithms are effective at giving you the words you need, as Aurora's are, why should you have to type out in full more obscure words that aren't included in smaller vocabularies.

20,000 Common Names and Places

Another benefit of our large capacity is that we can include things like 20,000 common names and places, thousands of acronyms, and less used words like "perused" and "liquify" so that when you need these words, you don't have to type them out in full, and you can use the word prediction to help you spell them.

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