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Advanced, Effective Word Prediction

Aurora has long prided itself on the amazing effectiveness of its word completion and next word prediction software. We've compared it against the competition, and always been pleasantly surprised with the results. If keystroke savings is your goal, you've found the product you need.

We've pioneered giant vocabularies, phonetic word prediction and many other features now considered standard. Like every release before it, Aurora Suite 2005 adds a few new features to improve the accuracy and usefulness of our word prediction system.


The most notable change in Suite 2005 is our switch to UNICODE internally which means that Aurora word prediction will now work in nearly any language you need it to without having to worry about your accented characters.

Recently Added Words Priority Boost

When new words are added to the dictionary they can now be given a priority boost so that if you're typing a report on dinosaurs, you don't have to wait for new dinosaur names to appear in the word list.

Giant Word List

The prediction word list can now contain up to 40 words for selection, or for cueing spelling. On a trained dictionary, if you use the mouse for selection, often the word you want to write will be predicted so you can write without any typing at all.

Word Completion Only

For users who need word completion but find next word prediction confusing, or just too much help, next word prediction can now be turned off.

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