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Aurora Suite 2005 Tour

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This tour will walk you through a few of the features and benefits of Aurora Suite 2005 from Aurora Systems. For detailed information, please view the Aurora Suite 2005 User's Guide.

Below is an image of Aurora Suite running on Windows Vista. You can see Aurora Prediction in the top right hand corner showing the list of words it thinks the user might want to type. In addition to advanced word completion and next word prediction features, Aurora Prediction also provides abbreviation expansions to speed your typing, help with punctuation and homonyms, as well as spelling tools which include automatic spelling corrections and a talking spellchecker. Along the top is the Aurora Echo toolbar which gives you many powerful and flexible screen reading and readback features. Beneath the toolbar is the Visual Feedback window that displays spoken messages with highlighting, sort of like subtitles for the speech synthesizer. At the bottom is Aurora Talk which provides a quick and easy conversation interface so you can type and talk anything you might want to say. Aurora Suite also supports Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows 2000.

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Setting Up Your Browser for Best Viewing

This tour is designed to be viewed on a minimum 800x600 display. If your screen is set to a smaller size, we recommend setting it larger. Windows users can do this by going to Start, Settings, Control Panel, double click the Display icon and then click the Settings tab and select a display area of 800x600 pixels or larger. Full 800x600 screenshots will display rather than the smaller versions if your screen is set large enough. If screenshots are displayed small, you can click on screenshots to view them full size.

Tip: This tour uses animated GIF files extensively, so if this new isn't rotating, you will not receive the entire experience.


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