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Activate Window - Before Aurora Prediction will do word prediction for a window, the window must be activated. This can be automatic in Aurora Suite.

Aurora Prediction - A program that attempts to guess what you are typing to help speed input and improve spelling.

Cache - Memory used to improve the performance of the Aurora Prediction program.

Compression - A technique used to make dictionary files smaller on disk in exchange for a performance loss on slower computers.

Deactivate Window - If you no longer want Aurora Prediction to do word prediction for a window, it must be deactivated.

Dictionary - Collection of words, phrases, macros and other information used by Aurora Prediction, usually in a .DCT file on disk.

Grammatical Rules - Set of English grammatical rules applied to the words in the dictionary to reduce the number of inappropriate words offered to the user in the prediction window.

Homonyms/Homophones - Words that sound similar but have different spellings and meanings, for example their, they're and there or too, two, and to.

Logical Letter Coding - See Text Macro.

Macro - Preprogrammed short code used to expand a longer phrase.

Macro Code - Preprogrammed short code used to expand a longer phrase.

Macro Expansion - Phrase generated when a macro code is typed. Can be speech or text output.

Multiple Word Prediction - Technique which allows Aurora Prediction to learn phrases as they are used as opposed to traditional preprogrammed techniques.

Optimization - Feature of Aurora Prediction that can improve dictionary performance by improving dictionary files' internal structure.

Phrase - Two or more words treated as a single word, can be preprogrammed or learned automatically.

Priority - Determines which words and phrases are offered first by Aurora Prediction. Priority changes dynamically as Aurora Prediction is used to adjust the dictionary to the individual user's writing style.

Phonetic Spelling - Aurora Prediction uses a technique to attempt to guess the word the user is typing if the word is not one already in the dictionary. It presents the user with words that sound like or have similar spellings to the word they are typing.

Speech Macro - Short macro code and expansion that are spoken.

Spelling Autocorrection - Special text macros that correct the spelling of commonly misspelled words.

Text Macro - Short macro code and expansion that are typed into the current application.

WAV Macro - Short macro code and expansion that cause a sound effect WAV file to be played.

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