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Settings & Data Files

Common Settings File

The common aurora.set file can be found in the \Program Files\Aurora Suite 2005 folder. This file contains settings common to all users of Aurora Suite on this computer.

Private Settings File

There is also an aurora.set file for each user. This is stored in the \Documents and Settings\%USERNAME%\Application Data\Aurora Suite 2005\ folder. This file contains the bulk of the settings for each user. This folder will not exist unless Aurora Suite has been started with the given %USERNAME% logged in to Windows.

Tip: On some systems the Application Data folder may be hidden. Changing the My Computer window's Folder Options to show hidden system and operating system files may make this folder visible.

User-Specific Files

Each time a new Windows user starts Aurora Suite, a new Aurora Suite 2005 folder will be created under the Application Data folder of that user. This folder contains dictionary files, type and talk history, settings, and other files created during the operation of Aurora Suite.

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