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Prediction appears as a window full of words on your desktop. By default, the Prediction window will stay on top of any application that you want Prediction to help you with. When you go to an application that you don't want help with, Prediction will display a ZZZZzzzzz message and disappear behind any windows you put in front of it.

Aurora Prediction

The first time you start Aurora Suite, it will prompt you to select a dictionary to use for the Prediction window. There are several dictionaries that ship with Aurora Suite, these are:

Aurora Suite also ships with a number of language specific dictionary files you can choose from.

Getting Started

Aurora Prediction is easy to get started with, just start typing in your Word processor or other Windows application. In a moment, either the application is one that Aurora Suite is preprogrammed to work with and word prediction will start working, or it is one Aurora Suite is not familiar with and it will prompt you to see if you want word prediction to help you with this application.

The Prediction Window

The Prediction window lists words it thinks you might be typing or might want to type. To the left of the first nine words is a number. You can type that number to have Aurora Prediction type that word into the program you are working with for you.

Words in the window display in different colors to cue you to special features of those words. Green words are homonyms, blue words are words that are spelled differently, but sound like what you have typed.

Macros also appear in the Prediction window, Text macros display the macro code, a red arrow, and the abbreviation expansion. Speech macros display the macro code, a red S, and the message to be spoken.

Getting into Aurora Prediction's Settings Dialogs

You can get to the Prediction program's setup dialogs from the Prediction window System menu (the square box at the top left corner of the Prediction window,) or by right clicking anywhere on the Prediction window and choosing Prediction Options.

You may want to look through the Prediction Options dialog before starting. There are easy setup buttons on the first tab page of options that will get most people started quickly.

More Information...

To learn more about Prediction, see What is Prediction.

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