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Credit Card

Once you are satisfied with your selections and are ready to make a purchase, if you have selected to pay via credit card, you will be prompted to enter your credit card information. If not, you will skip directly to entering your Billing Address.

Note: Currently Aurora Systems is only able to accept VISA cards. If you do not have a VISA card, please go back and select a different Payment Means.


Aurora's online purchasing is secured by industry standard 1024-bit RSA encryption. We take extra steps to protect your credit card information, ensuring it is always encrypted from the time you submit your order, even after it has been transmitted to Aurora Systems servers.

Credit Card Information

Card Number

Enter the number from your VISA card.

Good Thru (Expiry) Date

Select the month and year that your VISA card is good thru.

Good From Date

Select the month and year that your VISA card is good from. This is optional, however it may help prevent submission of an invalid card.

Card Verification Value

The Card Verification Value (CVV) is the three digit number from the back of your VISA card as shown in the picture. The CVV is optional, but it can help speed credit card processing.


Press this button to return to the previous step.


Press this button to confirm your selection and move to the next step. If the card number or good thru date is invalid you will not be able to proceed. If the good thru date is correct and Aurora Suite will still not let you continue, check that the date on your computer is set correctly.


Leave the purchasing system.

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