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Shipping Method

Select the Shipping Method you prefer. Depending on your shipping destination, you may have different choices here. This also provides a detailed summary of the total charge for the order including all fees and taxes in the currency specified.

Select Shipping Method and Taxes

The prices for each shipping method are listed and the currency for those prices is specified at the bottom of the dialog.

Shipping Costs and Taxes

Any applicable taxes for your selected territory will be listed in the specified currency. On the screenshot above, Canadian GST applies to the shipping charges for the purchase. If there are no taxes that Aurora Systems is responsible for collecting, this area will not be visible.

Software Total

This is the total price of the products you have selected to purchase in the specified currency.

Order Total

This is the total of your order including products and shipping


Press this button to return to the previous step.


Press this button to confirm your selection and move to the next step.


Leave the purchasing system.

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